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Fit Bite

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Your classes really did change my life for good. I can't imagine life without exercise now. I had to go to the loos and cry the day you left St Pauls! Saw Helen Hewitt at the gym the other day and we agreed we'd never forgive you!  I'm gonna make a special trip to one of yer classes over the summer hols- I'm determined!  Suzanne Williams, Bristol.


I would ditto all that's been said..... you started me running and since then i've done 3 marathons, 11 halfs and am about to embark on biggest cycle fit adventure of my life. thanks vikki. Naomi Johnson


Be warned! There are sooo many downsides to Vikki’s Bootcamp classes, including weight, blood-pressure, cholesterol, stress – all down.

But the upsides do include improved fitness, stamina, energy, physique and well-being - all achieved in the enjoyable company of like-minded friends and orchestrated by a highly motivational, inspiring and knowledgeable instructor whose classes are ever-changing, unexpected and demanding.



I've been coming to boot camp with Vikki for two years and in that time my strength and fitness have improved dramatically, as has my body shape. The first class was a bit of a challenge, but Vikki made it clear that we should take it at our own pace, and since I spent as much time smiling as I did grimacing, I didn't think twice about coming along again. I love the fact that Vikki constantly mixes it up; so it never gets boring. I don't think I'd try as hard for anyone else!  I've also found boot camp really helpful for rowing, which I've been doing for about 18 months now. The combination of cardio, strength and weights  - is perfect for my sport and enables a tiny person like me to hold my own with the big girls. Patricia Carswell - aka GirlontheRiver

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